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The Côte Sauvage

Beneath the rocks, the beach!

The Côte Sauvage is one of the most beautiful parts of the Loire Atlantique coast. Along the coastal pathway, you will come across many rocky formations whose unusual shapes have inspired their names: le Rocher de l'Ours (Bear's Rock), le Sphinx or le Masque de Napoléon. From Tréhic jetty, in Le Croisic, to the promontory at Penchâteau, to Pouliguen, there is no shortage of places worth the detour.

Stop by Pointe du Croisic to admire the old square fort, now converted into a villa. Discover the Vigie de la Romaine lookout post, the Croix des Douanier cross and the Menhir de Pierre Longue standing stone. Then stop off in Penn Avel park to discover the charms of this seaside garden. Finally, visit Bauvran mill, the many beaches (Port Lin, Pen Castel, Valentin), the Pont du Diable (devil's bridge) in Batz-sur-Mer and Korrigans cave in Pouliguen.