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Le Croisic

Seaside living

Treat yourself to a weekend or more in the beautiful surroundings of Le Croisic. Along the streets of the old town, discover the legacy of the privateers who used to operate out of the area: the rich architectural heritage and half-timbered houses. Strolling along the quays, admire superb private residences built by captains, ship-owners or merchants through the centuries. 

To make the most of the fresh sea air, take the pathways which run along the coast, through the moors and towards the idyllic beaches and coves. Visit the Grand Traict, a vast tract of sand and water, almost entirely exposed at low tide, where cockles and clams are harvested. Finally, sit down to a delicious seafood platter or a buckwheat galette (savoury pancake) while admiring the ocean.