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Le Croisic, Batz sur Mer, La Baule: between the Atlantic Ocean and the salt marches

An exceptional holiday destination

Where southern Brittany reaches out into the ocean, discover the exceptional surroundings of the Loire Atlantique resorts. Right by our hotel you will find sandy beaches, salt marshes, beautiful towns, cultural events and celebrations.

Le Croisic

Beaches and wilderness

At the westernmost point of the Guerande peninsula, discover the heady charms of a town steeped in maritime traditions: Le Croisic. With its fishing port, marina and Traict (channels of seawater running inland), the local area boasts a number of stunning walks.

The wilderness

The rough beauty of the ocean

Connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, the old privateer's town of Le Croisic is bordered to the north, west and south by a stunningly beautiful rocky coastline: the Côte Sauvage. This coastline extends over 14 kilometres, through coves and promontories, cliffs and caves, with breath-taking views of the Atlantic.

La Baule

Walk along the Côte d'Amour to your heart's content

On one of the world's most beautiful bays, La Baule is a charming, old-fashioned seaside resort. It was built at the end of the 19th century and is home to magnificent, seaside Art Deco, Belle Epoque and modern villas nestling among the old pine trees.

The salt marshes

Guérande and its peninsula

The Guérande peninsula is renowned for its stunning Côte Sauvage but also its salt, which has received Label Rouge accreditation. The protected salt marsh sites have existed since prehistoric times, and the salt is gathered using techniques which go back over a thousand years. A number of organizations offer tours of this fascinating environment: it's a great place to visit when staying in Le Croisic!